Play and Build in a Procedural World

Empeld landscape from above

Empeld is a game where your imagination comes to life. Start a village, gather resources, defend the castle and build your empire all in a complete 3D procedural world.

The game is currently in Pre-Alpha. You can buy now to help us continue developing the game (We need to live!), but please be aware that there will be bugs, crashes, and many incomplete features. The game is already fully moddable, so we encourage you to come in, try it out, and report any bugs or features you'd like to /r/empeld.

One platform. Endless entertainment.

A procedurally generated river

Empeld is a fully moddable engine. Every last piece of game logic, even the castle game itself, is all built as a mod, which you can go in, and add your own features.

Bored of playing Empeld on the default procedural world? Write your own! Chose between two different languages (C#, and Boo) to create your own worlds, enemies, allies, and unique environments to play in.

Follow the tutorials on our wiki to build your first plugin in minutes!

Buy Now, Get a Sweet Discount!

Buy the game early, and get a discount, it's as simple as that! The price will go up every day until we launch!