A Multiplayer, Procedural, Moddable, Voxel-Engine

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What's Empeld?


Everything was designed from the ground up with a focus on multiplayer. We’ve designed the entire way the engine works to make it easy for modders to write highly efficient multiplayer plugins and game logic.


One of our core missions was to make this game mod-first. Everything is a mod, and fully ready to be modded, with a comprehensive set of documentation and tutorials. Check our the links to the dev center above.

Voxel & Entity Engine

Mix and match modes from different plugins. Combine worlds, with game modes, and environments, bringing a unique experience each time.

Plugin First

Many Different Games

Every game mode is actually its own plugin. Enjoy different games, worlds, and environments written by the community for an ever-changing experience.

Write your own Plugin

Getting started is easy in either C# or Boolang. Create your first world in minutes. Take a look at The Plugin Docs

Auto Mod Download

Mods can be hard to keep in sync with the server. With Empeld you don’t have to! Mods are automatically downloaded and verified from the server, so you’ll always be able to join a game.


Runs on every major platform with ease (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Great Design & Incredible Features

Empeld is a multiplayer game platform where mods come first. We’ve designed everything from the ground up to be driven by the community. We have a few experimental open-source games already created. One of them, already released, is a pure sandbox mode. The other, which should be released by summer 2022, is a tower defense.

Supports every major platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)

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