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pluginbase.Helpers.BinaryCodecs.TypeCodec Struct Reference

Defines how to encode and decode a type More...

Public Member Functions

delegate object BinaryDecoder (BinaryReader reader)
delegate void BinaryEncoder (BinaryWriter writer, object obj)

Public Attributes

BinaryEncoder Encode
BinaryDecoder Decode

Detailed Description

Defines how to encode and decode a type

Member Function Documentation

delegate object pluginbase.Helpers.BinaryCodecs.TypeCodec.BinaryDecoder ( BinaryReader  reader)
delegate void pluginbase.Helpers.BinaryCodecs.TypeCodec.BinaryEncoder ( BinaryWriter  writer,
object  obj 

Member Data Documentation

BinaryDecoder pluginbase.Helpers.BinaryCodecs.TypeCodec.Decode
BinaryEncoder pluginbase.Helpers.BinaryCodecs.TypeCodec.Encode

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