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Package pluginbase.Objects.UI


package  Glue


class  BuiCallbackAttribute
 Labels a method as callable by a BUI control More...
interface  IBuiControl
 The control returned to the plugin to be operated on and retrieve information from More...
interface  IBuiInterface
 The interface as shown to the the BOO script More...
interface  IBuiScreen
 Represents the root screen for BUI A dependency injectable More...
interface  IBuiTween
 Tweening interface More...


delegate void BuiCallbackDelegate (IBuiControl source, object[] args)
 Callback type that a BML control can invoke More...

Function Documentation

delegate void pluginbase.Objects.UI.BuiCallbackDelegate ( IBuiControl  source,
object[]  args 

Callback type that a BML control can invoke