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Package pluginbase.Objects.Syncable.Entity.Controllers


class  EntityHookAttribute
 Wrapper for HookAttribute for explicit typing More...
interface  IBoundInputEntity
 Label for entity that automatically binds all InputAttribute methods More...
interface  IComponentizedEntity
 Combination of ITaskedEntity, and IHookedEntity More...
interface  IEntityController
 Base class of other controllable interfaces to define them as controllers to go through the router More...
interface  IHookedEntity
 Labels the entity as handled by the hook lifecycle controller, which will call all scoped hooks on an entity More...
interface  IModelEntity
 An interface representing an entity that has a model More...
interface  IPlayableEntity
 An entity that accepts controls and key input to determine action An entity must be an IPlayableEntity to be controlled as the main entity by the player More...
interface  IRpcEntity
 Labels an entity has having the ability to receive and send RPC calls More...
interface  ITaskedEntity
 Label an entity as binding and execution of all tasks with TaskAttribute More...


enum  EntityHook { EntityHook.Undefined = 0, EntityHook.Init, EntityHook.Shutdown, EntityHook.Simulate }
enum  EntityScope {
  EntityScope.Undefined = 0, EntityScope.Server = 1, EntityScope.Client = 2, EntityScope.Both = Client | Server,
  EntityScope.Player = 4

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