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Package pluginbase.Objects.Models


interface  IAssembledModelInstance
interface  IModelFactory
 Injectable Dependency responsible for loading and caching models More...
interface  IModelInstance
 An interface that represents a model Instance An instance is a readonly model with extra data specific to an instance This model has not been instantiated in the world More...
interface  IReadonlyModel
 An interface representing the read-only version of a loaded model More...


enum  ModelAnimation : int {
  ModelAnimation.Custom = -1, ModelAnimation.Undefined = 0, ModelAnimation.Idle = 1, ModelAnimation.Walk,
  ModelAnimation.Run, ModelAnimation.Crouch, ModelAnimation.CrouchWalk, ModelAnimation.Prone,
  ModelAnimation.ProneWalk, ModelAnimation.Death, ModelAnimation.Jump, ModelAnimation.Falling,
  ModelAnimation.Attack, ModelAnimation.Melee
 Model animation. More...

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