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Package essentials.action.ItemFramework.Interactive


package  Bases
package  DisplayComponents
package  UI


interface  IEquipableItem
 A client-side interface that has methods when an item is equiped for use More...
class  ItemUseContext
 A context to define in what scenario an item should be used in More...
class  ItemUseReturn
 A base return object for an item-use action More...
interface  IUseableItem
 An interface to implement the use-action on an item More...
class  SimpleInteractiveInventory
class  UseableBlockItem
 A BlackStackItem class that implements IUseable for use from an inventory More...


enum  ItemAction {
  ItemAction.Undefined =0, ItemAction.Use =1, ItemAction.AltUse =2, ItemAction.Custom0 =3,
  ItemAction.Custom1 =4, ItemAction.Custom2 =5, ItemAction.Custom3 =6, ItemAction.Custom4 =7,
  ItemAction.Custom5 =8, ItemAction.Custom6 =9, ItemAction.Custom7 =10, ItemAction.Custom8 =11,
  ItemAction.Custom9 =12
 Item actions that can be taken More...

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