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Package essentials.Prefabs


package  Interop


interface  IPrefab
 A read-write interface that represents a prefab object More...
interface  IPrefabManager
interface  IReadonlyPrefab
 An interface for a readonly prefab object More...
class  Prefab
 A subset of blocks within a world, that creates an existing entity Able to save and load from disk, clone pieces of the world, etc More...
struct  PrefabBlock
 A data object representing a block More...
class  PrefabConstructor
 A helper object that will keep a list of blocks to-be-constructed in the world More...
class  PrefabExtensions
class  PrefabInstance
 An object that represents an in-world instance of a prefab More...
class  PrefabInstanceExtensions
class  PrefabManager
 Class to manage prefabs and make sure they aren't loaded more than once
class  PrefabWriterInstance
 A PrefabInstance that is read-write More...
class  WorldExtensions
 Extension methods to help manage prefabs More...