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pluginbase.Objects.Libs.Persist.IPersistObject Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for pluginbase.Objects.Libs.Persist.IPersistObject:

Public Member Functions

IPersistObject GetOrCreateObject (string name)
IPersistObject CreateListItem (string listName)
void Set< T > (string name, T val)
void Set< T > (T val)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pluginbase.Objects.Libs.Persist.IReadPersistObject
IReadPersistObject GetObject (string name)
IEnumerable< IReadPersistObjectEnumerateList (string name)
Get< T > (string name, T def)
Get< T > (string name)
Get< T > ()

Member Function Documentation

IPersistObject pluginbase.Objects.Libs.Persist.IPersistObject.CreateListItem ( string  listName)
IPersistObject pluginbase.Objects.Libs.Persist.IPersistObject.GetOrCreateObject ( string  name)
void pluginbase.Objects.Libs.Persist.IPersistObject.Set< T > ( string  name,
void pluginbase.Objects.Libs.Persist.IPersistObject.Set< T > ( val)

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