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pluginbase.Dependencies.IUserManager Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

IUser GetUser (ushort userId)
IUser GetUser (string username)
void Kick (IUser user)
void Ban (IUser user)
void Unban (IUser user)
void Unban (string username)
void Whitelist (string username)
void UnWhitelist (string username)
void SetUserLevel (string username, UserAuthLevel level)


IEnumerable< IUserUsers [get]


Action< IUserOnJoin
Action< IUserOnLeave

Detailed Description

Attribute: Injectable

Member Function Documentation

void pluginbase.Dependencies.IUserManager.Ban ( IUser  user)
IUser pluginbase.Dependencies.IUserManager.GetUser ( ushort  userId)
IUser pluginbase.Dependencies.IUserManager.GetUser ( string  username)
void pluginbase.Dependencies.IUserManager.Kick ( IUser  user)
void pluginbase.Dependencies.IUserManager.SetUserLevel ( string  username,
UserAuthLevel  level 
void pluginbase.Dependencies.IUserManager.Unban ( IUser  user)
void pluginbase.Dependencies.IUserManager.Unban ( string  username)
void pluginbase.Dependencies.IUserManager.UnWhitelist ( string  username)
void pluginbase.Dependencies.IUserManager.Whitelist ( string  username)

Property Documentation

IEnumerable<IUser> pluginbase.Dependencies.IUserManager.Users

Event Documentation

Action<IUser> pluginbase.Dependencies.IUserManager.OnJoin
Action<IUser> pluginbase.Dependencies.IUserManager.OnLeave

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