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pluginbase.Objects.Tasks.TaskObjectExtensions Class Reference

Helper methods for binding tasks on objects More...

Static Public Member Functions

static ICollection
< IScheduledTask
RegisterObjectTasks (this ITaskScheduler scheduler, object obj, Enum scope=null)
 Bind all TaskAttributes on a given object More...

Detailed Description

Helper methods for binding tasks on objects

Member Function Documentation

static ICollection<IScheduledTask> pluginbase.Objects.Tasks.TaskObjectExtensions.RegisterObjectTasks ( this ITaskScheduler  scheduler,
object  obj,
Enum  scope = null 

Bind all TaskAttributes on a given object

The object tasks.
scopeScope of the tasks to be bound
objObject to bind tasks to
21  {
22  var tasks = new List<IScheduledTask>();
23  foreach(var method in obj.GetType().GetAllMethods(x => Attribute.IsDefined(x, typeof(TaskAttribute))))
24  {
25  foreach(var attr in method.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(TaskAttribute), true).OfType<TaskAttribute>())
26  {
27  if (attr.HasScope(scope))
28  tasks.Add(scheduler.ScheduleTask(new WeakTask(method, obj, attr.Frequency, false)));
29  }
30  }
31  return tasks;
32  }

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