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pluginbase.Objects.Syncable.Entity.Controllers.EntityHookAttribute Class Reference

Wrapper for HookAttribute for explicit typing More...

Inheritance diagram for pluginbase.Objects.Syncable.Entity.Controllers.EntityHookAttribute:
pluginbase.Helpers.Attributes.HookAttribute pluginbase.Helpers.Attributes.ScopeAttribute

Public Member Functions

 EntityHookAttribute (EntityHook hook, EntityScope scope)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pluginbase.Helpers.Attributes.HookAttribute
 HookAttribute (object hook)
 HookAttribute (object hookEnum, object scopeEnum)
bool IsHookedTo (Enum hook)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pluginbase.Helpers.Attributes.ScopeAttribute
 ScopeAttribute ()
 ScopeAttribute (object scopeEnum)
bool HasScope (Enum scope)
override string ToString ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from pluginbase.Helpers.Attributes.ScopeAttribute
enum  Special { Special.Wildcard }
- Properties inherited from pluginbase.Helpers.Attributes.ScopeAttribute
Enum Scope [get, set]
bool IsFlags [get]
bool ScopeDefined [get]

Detailed Description

Wrapper for HookAttribute for explicit typing

Attribute: AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Method, AllowMultiple = false, Inherited = true)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pluginbase.Objects.Syncable.Entity.Controllers.EntityHookAttribute.EntityHookAttribute ( EntityHook  hook,
EntityScope  scope 
13  :base(hook, scope)
14  {
15  }

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