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pluginbase.Objects.Audio.SampleDescriptor Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for pluginbase.Objects.Audio.SampleDescriptor:

Public Member Functions

 SampleDescriptor (float gain=1f, float pitch=1f, float pitchVariance=0f, float distanceMin=1f, float distanceMax=float.MaxValue)

Public Attributes

readonly float Gain
readonly float Pitch
readonly float PitchVariance
readonly float DistanceMin
readonly float DistanceMax

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pluginbase.Objects.Audio.SampleDescriptor.SampleDescriptor ( float  gain = 1f,
float  pitch = 1f,
float  pitchVariance = 0f,
float  distanceMin = 1f,
float  distanceMax = float.MaxValue 
14  {
15  Gain = gain;
16  Pitch = pitch;
17  PitchVariance = pitchVariance;
18  DistanceMin = distanceMin;
19  DistanceMax = distanceMax;
20  }
readonly float Gain
Definition: SampleDescriptor.cs:7
readonly float PitchVariance
Definition: SampleDescriptor.cs:9
readonly float DistanceMax
Definition: SampleDescriptor.cs:11
readonly float Pitch
Definition: SampleDescriptor.cs:8
readonly float DistanceMin
Definition: SampleDescriptor.cs:10

Member Data Documentation

readonly float pluginbase.Objects.Audio.SampleDescriptor.DistanceMax
readonly float pluginbase.Objects.Audio.SampleDescriptor.DistanceMin
readonly float pluginbase.Objects.Audio.SampleDescriptor.Gain
readonly float pluginbase.Objects.Audio.SampleDescriptor.Pitch
readonly float pluginbase.Objects.Audio.SampleDescriptor.PitchVariance

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