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pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Triangle Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Triangle ()
 Triangle (Vertex a, Vertex b, Vertex c)
 Triangle (Vertex a, Vertex b, Vertex c, Material mat)

Public Attributes

Vertex A
Vertex B
Vertex C
Material Material


IEnumerable< VertexVertices [get]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Triangle.Triangle ( )
24 {}
pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Triangle.Triangle ( Vertex  a,
Vertex  b,
Vertex  c 
27  :this(a, b, c, null) {}
pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Triangle.Triangle ( Vertex  a,
Vertex  b,
Vertex  c,
Material  mat 
30  {
31  A = a;
32  B = b;
33  C = c;
34  Material = mat;
35  }
Vertex A
Definition: Triangle.cs:9
Vertex C
Definition: Triangle.cs:11
Vertex B
Definition: Triangle.cs:10
Material Material
Definition: Triangle.cs:12

Member Data Documentation

Vertex pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Triangle.A
Vertex pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Triangle.B
Vertex pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Triangle.C
Material pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Triangle.Material

Property Documentation

IEnumerable<Vertex> pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Triangle.Vertices

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