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pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Material Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Material:

Public Member Functions

 Material ()
 Material (Material mat)
Material Clone ()

Public Attributes

string TextureFile
string SerbFile
Rgba Color
bool Transparent

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Material.Material ( )
13  {
14  Color = Rgba.White;
15  Transparent = false;
16  }
bool Transparent
Definition: Material.cs:11
Class the represents a floating-point color of red, green, blue, and alpha
Definition: Rgba.cs:11
Rgba Color
Definition: Material.cs:10
static readonly Rgba White
White (1,1,1,1)
Definition: Rgba.cs:451
pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Material.Material ( Material  mat)
18  {
19  TextureFile = mat.TextureFile;
20  Color = mat.Color;
21  Transparent = mat.Transparent;
22  SerbFile = mat.SerbFile;
23  }
bool Transparent
Definition: Material.cs:11
Rgba Color
Definition: Material.cs:10
string SerbFile
Definition: Material.cs:9
string TextureFile
Definition: Material.cs:8

Member Function Documentation

Material pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Material.Clone ( )
26  {
27  return new Material(this);
28  }
Definition: Material.cs:13

Member Data Documentation

Rgba pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Material.Color
string pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Material.SerbFile
string pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Material.TextureFile
bool pluginbase.Helpers.Mesh.Material.Transparent

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