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essentials.Subsystems.Scoreboard.ScoreboardColumn Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ScoreboardColumn (string name, int width, Func< IUser, string > getValue)

Public Attributes

readonly string Name
readonly int Width
readonly Func< IUser, string > GetValue

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

essentials.Subsystems.Scoreboard.ScoreboardColumn.ScoreboardColumn ( string  name,
int  width,
Func< IUser, string >  getValue 
15  {
16  Name = name;
17  GetValue = getValue;
18  Width = width;
19  }
readonly Func< IUser, string > GetValue
Definition: ScoreboardColumn.cs:12
readonly string Name
Definition: ScoreboardColumn.cs:8
readonly int Width
Definition: ScoreboardColumn.cs:10

Member Data Documentation

readonly Func<IUser, string> essentials.Subsystems.Scoreboard.ScoreboardColumn.GetValue
readonly string essentials.Subsystems.Scoreboard.ScoreboardColumn.Name
readonly int essentials.Subsystems.Scoreboard.ScoreboardColumn.Width

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