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essentials.Prefabs.Interop.MCBlockMap Class Reference

A class that maps an external block id to an empeld block id More...

Public Member Functions

 MCBlockMap ()
void Add (byte id, ushort empeldBlockId)
void Add (byte id, IBlock block)


ushort DefaultBlock [get, set]
int Count [get]
IEnumerable< byte > Keys [get]
IEnumerable< byte > MapMisses [get]

Detailed Description

A class that maps an external block id to an empeld block id

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

essentials.Prefabs.Interop.MCBlockMap.MCBlockMap ( )
45  {
46  }

Member Function Documentation

void essentials.Prefabs.Interop.MCBlockMap.Add ( byte  id,
ushort  empeldBlockId 

Attribute: id

= empeldBlockId;

49  {
50  _map[id] = empeldBlockId;
51  }
void essentials.Prefabs.Interop.MCBlockMap.Add ( byte  id,
IBlock  block 
54  {
55  Add(id, block.Id);
56  }
ushort Id
Id that represent the block type (usually hash of InternalName)
Definition: IBlock.cs:32
void Add(byte id, ushort empeldBlockId)
Definition: MCBlockMap.cs:48

Property Documentation

int essentials.Prefabs.Interop.MCBlockMap.Count
ushort essentials.Prefabs.Interop.MCBlockMap.DefaultBlock
IEnumerable<byte> essentials.Prefabs.Interop.MCBlockMap.Keys
IEnumerable<byte> essentials.Prefabs.Interop.MCBlockMap.MapMisses

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