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essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun:
pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.Orbitals.OrbitalRevolutionBase essentials.Environment.IOrbitalGlow pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.Orbitals.OrbitalBase pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.IOrbital pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.IOrbital pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.IEnvironmentSimulatable pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.IEnvironmentSimulatable

Public Member Functions

 Sun (float secondsPerCycle, float timeOffset, float inclination, float ascendingRotation)
 Sun (float secondsPerCycle, float timeOffset)
 Sun (float secondsPerCycle)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.Orbitals.OrbitalRevolutionBase
override void Simulate (double time, double x, double y, double z)
 Simulate the environment with the time, and an x/y/z More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.Orbitals.OrbitalBase
 OrbitalBase ()
 Initializes a new instance of the pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.Orbitals.OrbitalBase class. More...


IResourceResolver ResourceResolver [get, set]
override bool HasEmittance [get]
override Rgba EmittanceDiffuse [get]
override Rgba OrbitalEmittance [get]
override Rgba EmittanceAmbient [get]
override Rgba EmittanceSpecular [get]
override float Size [get]
override OrbitalRenderMode RenderMode [get]
override EnvironmentBlendMode BlendMode [get]
override string Resource [get]
float GlowStrength [get]
virtual float GlowRadius [get]
virtual Rgba GlowColor [get]
override int Layer [get]
- Properties inherited from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.Orbitals.OrbitalRevolutionBase
override Vector3 Direction [get]
 Gets the direction that the object is rendered in Needs to be normalized More...
- Properties inherited from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.Orbitals.OrbitalBase
virtual OrbitalRenderMode RenderMode [get]
 Gets the render mode of the orbital More...
virtual int RenderDetail [get]
virtual EnvironmentBlendMode BlendMode [get]
virtual Rgba Color [get]
virtual bool ReceivesLight [get]
virtual bool HasEmittance [get]
virtual Rgba EmittanceDiffuse [get]
virtual Rgba EmittanceSpecular [get]
virtual Rgba EmittanceAmbient [get]
virtual Rgba OrbitalEmittance [get]
virtual string Resource [get]
virtual float Size [get]
virtual Vector3 Direction [get]
virtual int Layer [get]
virtual float Rotation [get]
- Properties inherited from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.IOrbital
OrbitalRenderMode RenderMode [get]
 Gets the render mode. More...
int RenderDetail [get]
 Gets the render detail. Currently only applies to sphere rendering. Default 12 More...
Rgba EmittanceDiffuse [get]
 Gets the emittance color for lighting More...
Rgba EmittanceAmbient [get]
 Gets the emittance ambient for lighting More...
Rgba EmittanceSpecular [get]
 Gets the emmitance specular for lighting More...
Rgba OrbitalEmittance [get]
 The color that affects other orbitals. Defaults to emittance More...
bool HasEmittance [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this instance has emittance. More...
string Resource [get]
 Gets the resource. In most cases this is a texture More...
EnvironmentBlendMode BlendMode [get]
 Gets the blend mode. More...
Rgba Color [get]
 Gets the color that the orbital is affected by More...
bool ReceivesLight [get]
 Gets a value indicating whether this pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.IOrbital receives light from other orbitals during environmental rendering More...
float Size [get]
 Gets the relative size More...
Vector3 Direction [get]
 Gets the direction that the object is rendered in Needs to be normalized More...
int Layer [get]
 Gets the layer that the object is drawn on More...
float Rotation [get]
 Gets the rotation around the direction More...
- Properties inherited from essentials.Environment.IOrbitalGlow
float GlowStrength [get]
 Gets the glow strength. 0-1 More...
float GlowRadius [get]
 Gets the glow radius. 0-1. The amount of the hemisphere that's affected More...
Rgba GlowColor [get]
 Gets the color of the glow. Defaults to equal emittance More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.Orbitals.OrbitalRevolutionBase
 OrbitalRevolutionBase (float secondsPerCycle, float timeOffset, float inclination=MathHelper.Pi, float ascendingRotation=MathHelper.PiOver4, Vector3 offset=default(Vector3))
 Initializes a new instance of the pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.Orbitals.OrbitalRevolutionBase class. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.Orbitals.OrbitalRevolutionBase
readonly float TimeMult
 The time multiplier More...
readonly float TimeOffset
 The time offset. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.Sun ( float  secondsPerCycle,
float  timeOffset,
float  inclination,
float  ascendingRotation 
16  :base(secondsPerCycle, timeOffset, inclination, ascendingRotation)
17  {
18  this.InjectDependencies();
19  }
essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.Sun ( float  secondsPerCycle,
float  timeOffset 
22  : this(secondsPerCycle, timeOffset, (float)Math.PI, (float)Math.PI / 2f)
23  {}
essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.Sun ( float  secondsPerCycle)
26  : this(secondsPerCycle, 0f)
27  { }

Property Documentation

override EnvironmentBlendMode essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.BlendMode
override Rgba essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.EmittanceAmbient
override Rgba essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.EmittanceDiffuse
override Rgba essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.EmittanceSpecular
virtual Rgba essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.GlowColor
virtual float essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.GlowRadius
float essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.GlowStrength
override bool essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.HasEmittance
override int essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.Layer
override Rgba essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.OrbitalEmittance
override OrbitalRenderMode essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.RenderMode
override string essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.Resource
IResourceResolver essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.ResourceResolver

Attribute: Dependency

override float essentials.Environment.Orbital.Sun.Size

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