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essentials.Environment.BasicEnvironment Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for essentials.Environment.BasicEnvironment:
pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.EnvironmentBase pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.IEnvironment

Public Member Functions

 BasicEnvironment ()
override IOrbital[] CreateOrbitals ()
 Create all orbitals high up in the sky More...
override ISkyLayer[] CreateLayers ()
 Create all sky-layers More...
override IFog CreateFog ()
 Creates the fog. More...
override IFilter[] CreateFilters ()
 Creates the filters. More...
override IPrecipitation[] CreatePrecipitationSystems ()
 Create all precipitation systems More...
override IAtmosphere CreateAtmosphere ()
 Creates the world atmosphere More...


override Rgba SkyColor [get]
override Rgba WorldAmbient [get]
- Properties inherited from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.EnvironmentBase
virtual Rgba SkyColor [get]
virtual Rgba WorldAmbient [get]
- Properties inherited from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.IEnvironment
Rgba SkyColor [get]
 Gets the color of the sky. More...
Rgba WorldAmbient [get]
 Gets the world ambient lighting. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.EnvironmentBase
 EnvironmentBase ()
 Initializes a new instance of the pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.EnvironmentBase class. More...

Detailed Description

Attribute: Environment("Basic", Author = "Pontoon City", Description = "Basic environment with sun and moon", IconPath="ui/icons/sun.png")

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

essentials.Environment.BasicEnvironment.BasicEnvironment ( )
21  {
22  _orbitals = new IOrbital[]
23  {
24  new Sun(3000f),
25  new Moon(3400f)
26  };
27  _fog = new AtmosphereFog(_orbitals);
28  }
Basic atmosphere fog based on orbitals Can be extended to override color, type, etc ...
Definition: AtmosphereFog.cs:14
the interface representing an orbital
Definition: IOrbital.cs:12

Member Function Documentation

override IAtmosphere essentials.Environment.BasicEnvironment.CreateAtmosphere ( )

Creates the world atmosphere

The atmosphere.

Reimplemented from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.EnvironmentBase.

65  {
66  return new SimpleAtmosphere();
67  }
override IFilter [] essentials.Environment.BasicEnvironment.CreateFilters ( )

Creates the filters.

The filters.

Reimplemented from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.EnvironmentBase.

52  {
53  return new IFilter[]
54  {
55  new VignetteFilter()
56  };
57  }
Definition: VignetteFilter.cs:8
The post-process filter definition interface
Definition: IFilter.cs:10
override IFog essentials.Environment.BasicEnvironment.CreateFog ( )

Creates the fog.

The fog.

Reimplemented from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.EnvironmentBase.

47  {
48  return _fog;
49  }
override ISkyLayer [] essentials.Environment.BasicEnvironment.CreateLayers ( )

Create all sky-layers

The layers.

Reimplemented from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.EnvironmentBase.

36  {
37  return new ISkyLayer[]
38  {
39  new StarLayer(),
40  new CloudLayer(),
41  new AtmosphereLayer(_orbitals),
42  new FogSkirt(_fog)
43  };
44  }
An interface representing the sky layer
Definition: ISkyLayer.cs:11
Definition: StarLayer.cs:8
Simple atmosphere layer that inspects orbitals and compares them to simulate atmospheric scattering ...
Definition: AtmosphereLayer.cs:14
Sky-layer Skirt that surroudns the atmosphere with a low-layer of fog Assumes Z-up ...
Definition: FogSkirt.cs:13
Definition: CloudLayer.cs:10
override IOrbital [] essentials.Environment.BasicEnvironment.CreateOrbitals ( )

Create all orbitals high up in the sky

The orbitals.

Reimplemented from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.EnvironmentBase.

31  {
32  return _orbitals;
33  }
override IPrecipitation [] essentials.Environment.BasicEnvironment.CreatePrecipitationSystems ( )

Create all precipitation systems

The precipitation systems.

Reimplemented from pluginbase.Objects.World.Environment.EnvironmentBase.

60  {
61  return null;
62  }

Property Documentation

override Rgba essentials.Environment.BasicEnvironment.SkyColor
override Rgba essentials.Environment.BasicEnvironment.WorldAmbient

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