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Roadmap & Changelog

Known Issues

Empeld is still in pre-alpha, and there are plenty of known issues, we'll cover all that we know here. If you found something missing, we encourage you to let us know via our Reddit


  • Mac support is currently untested by me, mostly due to not having a mac. It should work, and I've seen it work on a friend's mac. If there's high demand, and we get enough sales, one of the first things we'll do is buy a Mac to test it on.

Planned Features

In no particular order.


  • General optimizations/bug fixes


  • Main energy sources (Food, power, oxygen)
  • Anomolies
  • Gravity anomolies
  • Storms
  • Building


Old Roadmap


  • Particle system
  • More block types
  • Better entity handling
  • Basic AI
  • Block physics (Flowing water, lava, etc)


  • Attachable entities (aka “Vehicles”)
  • Animated block textures
  • Rendering optimizations
  • UI improvements
    • UI Styles
  • <del>Options menu<del>