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 +====== Radians or Degrees? ======
 +This topic has been discussed to death quite frankly during the development of the game.  The general consensus is that we should use both, but define a clear line between two of them.  Here is the rules we decided and why we made the decision:
 +If you are unfamiliar with Radians, please read [[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Radian|this wikipedia article]].
 +  - In-code, use Radians
 +    - This is because all the matrix methods, sin/cos, internal math operations/​etc are all based on Radians. ​ This makes the most sense to store all internal values as Radians.
 +  - In-configuration with external files, use Degrees
 +    - Degrees, quite simply, are easier to read and more intuitive into what they represent. ​ Things like the [[Model XML]] format and other configurations will store values in Degrees.