Prefabs is a Volume of blocks meant to represented prefabricated areas within the world. You can save bits of the world, re-load them later, and include them with your mod.

They can also be used to clone sections of the world easily.



In case you want to create/use an external program that takes advantage of prefabs, here is the binary spec for the .pfb format:


Name Type Bytes Notes
Magic Length byte 1 The length of the magic header string (val: 6)
Magic char n The characters for the magic. Should always be “PREFAB”
Version byte 1 The version number. Currently 0
Width signed int32 4
Length signed int32 4
Height signed int32 4
CenterX signed int32 4
CenterY signed int32 4
CenterZ signed int 32 4
Blocks[] ushort array 2 * width * length * height The array of blocks. Coordinate determined by: zwidthlength + y*width + x