Hosting a Server

There are two ports that Empeld needs to run (by default, can be changed in config):

  • 43710 TCP & UDP (Game traffic)
  • 43711 TCP (Server metadata and joining information)


Server config

All the configuration appears in the empeld.default.config file. Simple copy the file to empeld.config to set any of the configuration. This file is a way to specify any arguments that can be found by running empeld.exe --help.

The order of operations are:

  1. Apply configuration defaults
  2. Load empeld.config (if it exists)
  3. Apply environment configuration, beginning with EMPELD_ eg EMPELD_PORT
  4. Apply any command line arguments (Overriding anything else)


To add a user as op (aka Administrator)


Instead of controlling who can join with a password, you simple allow or forbid individuals with a whitelist. There are three ways to add or remove people from the whitelist.

To use whitelisting, it must be enabled in the server configuration.

  • In the server's console, type whitelist USERNAME
  • In the in-game chat (only if you're an administrator) type /whitelist USERNAME
  • Add a list of usernames (separated by newlines) to a whitelist.txt file in the same directory as the server