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 +====== Deterministic Pseudo-Random Numbers ======
 +**Deterministic Pseudo-Random Numbers** (DPRN) is a core concept of world generation in Empeld. ​ This is due to how the world generator is setup. ​ Very simple, DPRN says that for a given value (e.g. X), the output will always be the same.  For example, we might create a Random3D class in Empeld, and every time you pass in the value 1 it outputs 22 and ever time you input the value 0 it will output 100.
 +===== Why is this Important? =====
 +Due to the way world generation works, it is necessary to be consistent every time the world is generated. ​ If the server restarts, or if a chunk is regenerated,​ it expects to get the exact same values as they were the last time they were generated, and the time they were generated before that.
 +To help facilitate this, pluginbase comes with a number of helpful classes:
 +  * Random3D - Deterministic random number generator
 +  * CellNoise - Deterministic cell noise generator
 +  * Simplex - Deterministic simplex noise generator
 +  * Perlin - Deterministic perlin noise generator
 +Each generator takes in a seed and outputs a value based on a combination of the seed and the world-coordinate in either 2D or 3D.  They can also be operated on in simple fashion by doing standard image operations on them (i.e. contract, gamma, add/​sub/​mult/​divide).
 +For more on these, see [[Noise generators]]