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 +====== Block ======
 +A block is an individual representation of a Voxel, its appearance, and physical properties. ​ A group of blocks forms a [[Chunk]]. (Usually 16x16x16). ​ Many chunks form the World.
 +Blocks implement the [[pluginbase:​IBlock]] interface, usually via ''​BlockBase'',​ or one of its successors (eg ''​EarthBase''​ or ''​EssentialsBlock''​)
 +===== Creating a Block =====
 +To start off, create a new file, and name it of your block type.  Then decorate it with the ''​Block''​ attribute. ​ Example:
 +Blocks require, at minimum, you define the ''​Name''​ and the ''​TextureResource''​. ​ You may also have to inject the ''​IResourceResolver''​ instance via [[Plugin Dependencies]].
 +The ''​Block''​ Attribute tells [[core]] what the internal name of the block is.  This is how we identify it in save files and across the network to the server.
 +<code csharp>
 +public class DirtBlock
 +  public override string Name{
 +    get{ return "​Special Dirt"; }
 +  }
 +  ​
 +  public override string TextureResource{
 +    get{ return this.ResourceResolver.Resolve("​textures/​mytexture.png"​);​ }
 +  }